BUCK 2014

BUCK 2014 - banner
BUCK and Summer Sun Celebration 2014 website banners; art by CaptainHoers

Date: 22. – 24. 8. 2014
Place: Manchester Central, Manchester, Great Britain
Number of attendees: ~1300

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Photo Galleries

From official photographers

It is not known if the convention had any official photographers, but since there are a lot of photos from behind the stage and this covers all the main events, this is probably it.

From attendees


Promo videos and trailers

BUCK promo animations were made by CaptainHoers.

Mane Hall stage panels (official recordings)

Program in the Mane Hall, except concerts and music.

Workshops and panels (official recordings)

Program in other rooms aside from the Mane Hall.

Summer Sun Celebration (official recordings)

Friday evening concerts on the Mane stage.

The Lunar Eclipse (official recordings)

Saturday evening concerts on the Mane stage.

Cadance Stage (official recordings)

Mane stage program blocks dedicated to fresh musicians, on Saturday morning and Sunday late afternoon.

Videos from Juu50x

Panels and random videos from the whole event.

Videos from Deryk Lister

Few songs from Summer Sun Celebration, Cosplay workshop, and various videos.

Videos from NESAddict21

Summer Sun Celebration and My Little Karaoke singing.

Various videos from attendees