Crystal Fair 2014

CrystalFair 2014 - banner
CrystalFair 2014, banner; art by unknown

Date: 4. – 6. 7. 2014
Place: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland
Number of attendees: ~500 (estimated)

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Photo Galleries

From attendees and guests

It is unknown if the convention had official photographers, so all albums are from attendees.


Official recordings were never released, so all videos come from attendees.


Panel recordings, My Little Karaoke with VIP guests, and event overview.

Ikimetsän taikakääröt

Panel recordings and various videos from the venue.


Flashmob before the con, party, and singing in the venue.


Party aka Operation Pon3.


Party and random videos from the event end.

Various videos

TV reports, event overviews, panels, party, and other random videos from various sources.

Written reports and art sites