Czequestria 2014

Czequestria 2014 - banner
Czequestria 2014, website banner; art by Melgarh

Date: 29. – 31. 8. 2014
Place: KD Krakov, Prague, Czech Republic
Number of attendees: 230

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Photo Galleries

From official photographers

From attendees and guests


Promo videos and trailers

Invitation and introduction of Czequestria, an invitation to LARP, convention trailer, opening ceremony video, and on top of one unofficial promo video (a parody of the popular “Friendship is Manly“).

Final report and Czequestria News

Recorded by Honzdir, edited by Skejpr during the event – a compilation of the most interesting moments from both LARP and the Con weekend as well as short interviews with participants, organizers, and guests.

Panel recordings from the Mane Hall (1)

Complete records from the Mane Hall were recorded by Tom0147 and in 2019 processed by Fang. Annotation including time indexes and download links for the full-quality panel recordings can be found on Fang’s website.

Panel recordings from the Mane Hall (2)

Recordings from the second camera in the Mane Hall, taken by Fang and jerry411.

Videos from BlueStorm

Various videos from the whole event.

Videos from attendees and guests

Eile Monty at the party, Anneli Heed singing at My Little Karaoke, and one more “random moments” video.