EponaFest 2022 - banner
EponaFest 2022, website banner; art by unknown
Place: Milan, Italy
Official language: English
The usual number of attendees: 140
Basic ticket price: 75 €
Years: since 2022
Status: active

About the event

The first EponaFest was planned for a weekend in late May 2022 (Saturday to Sunday + Friday pre-party dinner) in the Business Palace hotel within Milano. The following year is planned to be at a similar date in the same place.

The event itself came with all the advantages of a small convention: you can easily get in touch with other bronies because there is not much rush to run from one activity to another. In addition to domestic and foreign guest panels, a concert was planned for Saturday evening and a traditional charity auction for Sunday afternoon.

Aside from the main hall, you could attend workshops, community presentations, and games like My Little Karaoke.

Vendor Hall offered various MLP-themed merchandise from all generations, from G1 to the recently released G5. You could also find musicians, guests, and convention stalls with merchandise and art for sale.

The overall atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming, giving a lot of space to enjoy the time with con activities and with everyone around, including organizers and guests – the big advantage of a strong community feeling at smaller conventions is definitely present.


After visiting BronyCon, the organizers decided to organize an MLP con in Italy. EponaFest was originally planned for the first weekend in May 2021 but was postponed to October 2021 and then to next year due to an ongoing pandemic. After the success in May 2022, another event is planned for the next year.

The organizing team is part of the german Pony Event Federation association.


The mascot of EponaFest is Milli – an earth pony of light green color and light blond mane. Her passion is photography, which is also expressed in her cutie mark in the form of a photo strip. On her adventures, she is accompanied by a flying drone Arion.

For the second year, the second mascot was announced: Jewel is a changeling who takes an identity of a mare named Reginetta with a heart-shaped tomato cutie mark. Her backstory is described in a comic.