Hearth’s Warming Con

Hearth's Warming con 2020 - banner
Hearth’s Warming con 2020, website banner; art by unknown
Place: Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Official language: English
The usual number of attendees: ~350 – 400
The usual basic ticket price: 60€ (+30€ Pancake Friday)
Years: 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020
Status: Ended

About the event

Hearth’s Warming Con (aka “HWcon”) was held at the end of February, from Friday evening to Sunday, at various locations within the town of Hoofddorp. A smaller event by amount of participants, however, has always brought something new, innovative.

The event usually started at Friday’s pre-party in a spacious restaurant – the ticket for it was sold separately and the price included (mostly) a pancake dinner. In addition to meeting other fans, long-unseen friends, the pre-parties were usually attended by VIP guests. The evening also included an orienteering game outside.

Saturday and Sunday belonged to the classic con program with everything: panels and interviews with VIP guests, concerts and music performances, competitions, presentations of community projects, workshops, discussions, auctions, etc.

There were also music games, sellers, and exhibitors, among whom fans of previous generations were more represented.

In addition to the classic con elements, the organizers also prepared unique or non-traditional activities: an escape room with an MLP story, a cider tasting event, or “Dutch fun panel”, which was very popular.

In many ways, the program was one of a classic smaller con with lots of meetup elements, unique activities, and a strong community atmosphere, which many other events of the same size never achieved.


The first HWcon took place in February 2015, approximately one year after its announcement. The attendance number of the first event was around 300 participants. Over the years, the number of activities increased, the event gradually improved, changing the venues, but retained its more personal and specific character.

In August 2019 (shortly after the end of the last BronyCon), the organizers announced that HWcon 2020 would be the last year of the event – citing the lack of time for the organization in the near future as the main reason. Some of HWcon’s organizers and creators got involved in the preparation of newly emerging MLP events in Europe, especially PonyCon Holland.

Hearth’s Warming Con 2020 also holds another exceptionality: it was the last international MLP con to be held in Europe for a long time due to a pandemic outbreak and where people met in person.


The mascot of Hearth’s Warming Con is Ember – an orange earth pony with a red-white-blue mane, entwined on her head in two braids (her tail is also entwined in a braid) and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a Dutch clog, from which a red tulip grows. The ends of the braids on the mane and tail correspond to the color order of the Dutch flag. She wears a typical Dutch cap on her head.

Ember’s younger brother, who accompanies her, is named Glace – a light blue earth pony with a bright light green mane, still in foal age and without a cutie mark. His pet is a gecko Gekkie.