My Little Konwent

My Little Konwent 2014 - banner
My Little Konwent 2014 banner; art by unknown
Place: Poland, various locations
Official language: English
The usual number of attendees: ~400
The usual basic ticket price: ~ 8€
Years: 2012 – 2016
Status: Ended

About the event

My Little Konwent (aka “MLKon”) was a community convention held at various locations since 2012. Sometimes the same name refers to a whole series of Polish MLP cons held in different places under different names.

The event was a typical community con – held in a school building, with a very wide program consisting mainly of “from fans for fans”-events, many activities and especially a friendly informal atmosphere, as well as lively meetings with other fans. The official program consisted of panels on various topics related to MLP and brony fandom, concerts, screening of episodes and movies, music games, CCG tournaments, discussions, etc.

Of course, there were also vendors with MLP merchandise, offering a wide range of hand-made things from badges and mugs to stuffed animals, compared to many other cons at very reasonable prices.

The atmosphere was complemented by aspects common to community cons, which are often unthinkable at more formal events. Whether there are excellent homemade snacks or an overnight stay at the venue (in a sleeping bag in designated classrooms).

Although many of the programs took place in Polish, this was not a big obstacle for community events such as MLK. Community conventions are visited mainly by fans to see other fans, join activities, and common memories, which My Little Konwent definitely fulfilled.

The con was organized in cooperation of various organizations and groups such as the Canterlot Foundation, Bronies Silesia, or Bronies Krakow.


My Little Konwent held in November 2012 in Krakow was the first Polish con dedicated to MLP and was organized by the R-Squad Foundation and members of the Bronies Krakow. The second year was held under the names “My Little Konwent II” or “Pony Con-Gress Cracow 2013” and in the following years, the event was again called “My Little Konwent” (2014 and 2015).

The con was conceived as a traveling event and took place under the same name in different cities. The event also attracted visitors from abroad, especially from neighboring countries, so many information materials were bilingual.

In 2016, the organization Canterlot Foundation decided to rename the con, so in the same year it took place under the name “Pony Congress”. The next year, planned for July 2017, was canceled because it was not possible to find a suitable venue for the con. The organizers then went silent and the next year was never announced.


My Little Konwent mascot remains an unknown mystery as there is no known information about it.