Ponirebrik (Пониребрик)

Ponirebrik (Пониребрик) 2016 - banner
Ponirebrik 2016 – Welcome to St. Ponyburg!; art by unknown
Place: St. Petersburg, Russia
Official language: Russian
The usual number of attendees: ~400
The usual basic ticket price: ~ 12€
Years: since 2016
Status: Active

About the event

Ponirebrik is a medium-sized MLP: FiM con, usually held in spring (March or April). At first, it was a one-day event, since 2017 a two-day event. As with other similar MLP cons held in Russia, the two-day event is divided into thematic sections.

The first day is dedicated to panels, games, competitions, and vendors – a classic con program, which takes place in conference halls and other rooms. Here you will find presentations, panels, workshops, cosplay or singing competitions, stalls with vendors, etc. The second day is dedicated exclusively to concerts and music performances – it usually takes place in a concert hall or music club.

The hall with stalls is divided into two rooms: in the first one, you will find merchandise vendors, where you will often come across merch, that you will not find anywhere else in Europe, and in comparison with MLP cons in Central and Western Europe also at very favorable prices. The stalls in the second part are not primarily for sale, but for the presentation of community projects or purely for entertainment. Both definitely worth visiting.

What you definitely don’t want to miss are the cosplays. Sure, you will come across them on all MLP conventions around the world, but both in craftsmanship and roleplay, the standard of Russian bronies is significantly high. The cosplay competition is a big show event at a very professional level.

If you do not speak Russian, the language barrier can be an obstacle, especially if your mother language is not Slavic. On the other hand, you will enjoy cosplay, singing competition, concerts and another program without knowing the local language.

Ponyrebrik is definitely worth a visit even if you do not speak the local language (in which case a translator in your cellphone or dictionary is suitable). If you travel from a more distant part of the world, you may encounter cultural differences, but at least at the event itself, you will encounter very nice people with whom you share a lot as bronies. In addition, you have the opportunity to see with your own eyes that the magic of friendship works everywhere, regardless of differences.


It was first held in February 2016, as a one-day event with a total participation of around 400 bronies and it was the first MLP convention in St. Petersburg. Since 2017, it has been held in two days, including concerts, and is gradually growing.


The main mascot of the con is Rebrik – a dark gray earth pony with a blue mane. His cutie mark is an upside-down horseshoe on the waves of water and is usually depicted with a dark blue hat and tie of the same color.