PonyCon Holland

PonyCon Holland 2021 - banner
PonyCon Holland 2021, website banner; art by unknown
Place: Zeist, Netherlands
Official language: English
The usual number of attendees: 250
Basic ticket price: 65€ (+30€ Friday Eve)
Years: since 2021
Status: active

About the event

The middle-sized convention, planned usually for the weekend in mid-October (Saturday to Sunday + Friday pre-party dinner) at the Hotel Figi venue in the city center. Part of the hotel was reserved for convention visitors as it’s common for the MLP conventions in the US but works well in Europe too.

Friday program started with the pre-party in the restaurant (dinner included in the price) to see and meet and talk to long-time-no-see friends and a chance to say hi to all the newcomers.

The weekend program consists of usual convention activities, including guest panels, various workshops, community presentations, contests, and a charity auction. This was the first European MLP convention held in place after a long time when the pandemic slowed down and allowed us to meet together once again.

A smaller event like this usually gives the opportunity to meet all the panelists and performers in the halls, not just see them on the stage, during the autograph sessions or concerts that took place on Saturday evening on the Mane hall stage.

Vendor Hall offered various MLP-themed merchandise from all generations, from G1 to the recently released G5.

Although it sometimes felt a bit busy, the overall feeling was very welcoming and calm. If you visited the Heart’s Warming Con in the past, the overall feeling was very similar and definitely worth visiting by everypony who likes smaller events with a friendly atmosphere.

PonyCon Holland is organized by BroniesNL.


PonyCon Holland was announced as the new MLP con in the Netherlands at the last Heart’s Warming Con in March 2020, just before the start of the pandemic in Europe. Originally planned for the beginning of June 2021, then postponed to October 2021 due to the continuing pandemic situation.

In late 2021, PonyCon Holland was one of the first in-person MLP conventions after the pandemic and people came with big enthusiasm. The next years were (are) planned in the same venue in mid-October again.


The mascot of the event is Stroopwafeltje alias Waffles – a white pony-unicorn with blue hooves and a red mane. His cutie mark is a caramel waffle typical for the Netherlands (in Dutch “Stroopwafel”).