Putting it all together

Europa pony

Work continues, initial texts about conventions are done and passed the first proofreading. Many details were changed, but that was kinda expected. Made me a bit sad though. Now to put them here and adjust to the website.

Event calendar should be essential for this site – I’ve tested some plugins before I found the one suitable for usage here. As these are all free-to-use plugins, CSS coding and adjustments are on me. Sigh… but yeah, I knew this from the very start: this is a non-profit activity. At least I’m refreshing my web coding skills and never stop wondering, what’s nowadays even possible with stuff like flex design.

Also, another big part is done and that’s requests for permission to use the events graphic designs here! Loading graphics from other websites turned out to be a bad idea. It took a lot of time and messages but seems like most of that is done! I’m happy to report that I got “Yes” from everypony I’ve asked.

Although I’m still struggling with designing some page elements and also the version for mobile devices, I have the basic page design done. Yay! Now bug hunting and calendar design.