RuBronyCon (РуБрониКон) / DerpFest

RuBronyCon2016 - banner
RuBronyCon 2016 banner; art by unknown
Place: Moscow, Russia
Official language: Russian
The usual number of attendees: 1000 – 2000 (DerpFest: 500 – 600)
The usual basic ticket price: ~ 20€
Years: 2013 – 2016, 2018 (DerpFest: 2015, 2017, 2019)
Status: Active (DerpFest ended)

About the event

RuBronyCon is a large MLP: FiM con held usually in the fall. DerpFest was created along with it as a smaller event, which gradually grew and since 2018, both events are organized by the same team of organizers and have a similar format. As with other similar MLP conventions held in Russia, the two-day event is divided into thematic sections.

The first day is dedicated to the classic con program, which takes place in the conference center of the hotel – here, you will find panels, presentations, games, discussions with guests, merchandise vendors, etc. The second day is dedicated to cosplay competitions, concerts, and music performances in the concert hall or a music club.

The hall with stalls is divided into two rooms: in the first one you will find merchandise vendors, where you will often come across merch, that you will not find anywhere else in Europe, and in comparison with MLP cons in Central and Western Europe also at very favorable prices. In the second hall are the stalls that are not primarily for sale, but intended for the presentation of community projects or purely for entertainment. If you like Fallout: Equestria, you will come across references, merch, and decoration to an extent that can be found rarely elsewhere.

What you definitely don’t want to miss are cosplayers. Sure, you will come across them on all MLP conventions around the world, but both in craftsmanship and roleplay, the standard of Russian bronies is significantly high. The cosplay competition is a big show event at a very professional level.

If you do not speak Russian, the language barrier can be an obstacle, especially if your mother language is not Slavic. On the other hand, you will enjoy cosplay, singing competition, concerts and another program without knowing the local language. In addition, many attendees and organizers speak English, so there is no need to worry that no one will understand you.


In 2015, RuBronyCon was in red numbers under the former leadership. At the same time, DerpFest was created as a smaller alternative, and even the organizers had no ambition to become a big event. DerpFest planned for 2016 is then moved to 2017 and RuBronyCon got into financial trouble in the same year.

DerpFest 2017 was a success and the organizing team also took RuBronyCon under its wing. Starting next year, both events took place in the same spirit – with DerpFest being more experimental and cheaper pre-sale tickets. Starting in 2019, when the “DerpFest Infinity” took place, the organization focuses on organizing RuBronyCon and no further DerpFest is planned so far.


DerpFest’s mascot is Derpy Hooves in many forms. The mascots of RuBronyCon are Moondrive (bat pony with black body, semi-transparent blue mane and purple eyes) and Delusive Rose (light-pink unicorn with dark-pink mane and blue eyes).

Moondrive, the owner of an explosive, active character. She acutely feels the injustice in the world, tries to fight for freedom in any condition. Initially, she lived in a different world, ruled by a dictator who forbade art. The leader of the underground. After getting into this world, Derpy could, with her help, topple the dictator and went with her back to Equestria to see. (source)

Delusive Rose is a calm, even slightly detached pony. Former villain. She tends to analyze and collect information, all of it. A living drawing, so from time to time she needs to paint herself. She can do it herself, and generally, revive the objects drawn by her. She herself was drawn and revived by another pony, Lily, as a friend. When Lily started chucking at Rose because of her new friends, she drew fire on her emotions and became a villain. In the end, Rose was corrected and realized that emotions should be kept in check. (source)