Publicly announced for the very first time

Less than a month since the review, many technical things were fixed and things were made ready to drop the IP block for the website front page. Yeah… it is still just “This site is under Maintenance”, but still better than “Forbidden”, I suppose.

My thoughts about this site project are circling around a few topics:

  1. No time for this project until the New Year (at least). First, I’m heading on vacation with my very special somepony, following the MLP convention in the Netherlands (see below).
  2. Winter Karaoke Party 2022 – annual whole-country brony meetup in Prague, organized by our team. Last year was online and this year we are determined to make it in-person, with all the anti-pandemic rules in place. No idea how big a challenge it will be. But we all miss the brony events badly and serve as a testing ground, if (even if I hope not) this approach will be necessary for Czequestria next year. This will make me busy until the middle of December at least.
  3. Panel at the Ponycon Holland – an actual motivation source for this site. It all began many years ago with panels at Czech and Slovak conventions about pony events, stories from there, and brony group travels. As time passed, I’ve visited many more brony events and made panels about them at various conventions. The newest version of this panel will be on air on the 17th of October at the very first Ponycon Holland in the Netherlands. Let’s say, one hour is really tight, could be easily two hours. And I hope most of those stories will make it to this website. Later. There are more important things to do first here.
  4. Release plan – so many things to say, so many things to publish, and sooo little time. In order to make this site usable as soon as possible, I’ll split the release into smaller parts, beginning with the calendar, events’ general description. Also, the site will remain “Open” after being introduced on PonyCon Holland. Hope that will be a bit of motivation to continue.

It’s not much, but even the longest journey begins with a single step, right? So it was with the decision “First brony convention in Europe named Gala? I’ll be Gala Fluttershy there”. And the rest is… consequences called amazing life 🙂