September 2023 update

Europa pony

Looks like the idea of an every-month update was too optimistic, let’s say I had a vacation… but the truth is, that I was literally bleeding with completing the archive for another event and implementing requests from people. Crawling through thousands of never-published photos and videos from the 9-year-old event that happened only once, but is remembered by hundreds of attendees until today… that was harder than expected. I still hope it was worth all the effort.

Also, the marathon of European MLP events starts with GalaCon this weekend! For those who visit it, see you there and (shameless promo incoming) if you have time, come to see the panel in Mane Hall at 13:00 on Sunday! Flitterkriz and I will talk about current Euro-Asian MLP events that you can visit this and next year!

In the meantime… enjoy the almost-complete archive of Crystal Fair 2014 and the updated calendar of European MLP events!

Crystal Fair