February 2023 update

Europa pony

Monthly updates… hmm, maybe I can keep it up, but no promises. But still better than the much longer silence before. So… what’s new here so far?

  • The Events Calendar and Conventions pages have been updated with new events and recent plan changes
  • Conventions descriptions have been updated (a lot changed since I wrote those 3 years ago) and EuroBronyCon was moved to ended events
  • A short About this page section has been added.
  • The contact form has been moved to Google Forms and the Contact page has a few new details and also a small self-promo (mainly to explain why somepony started to build this website in the first place).
  • But mainly: the complete content for the BronyFair convention has been added – including 10 photo galleries that were never published before!
  • The project stage is still beta and development (as well as adding new content) of this website continues
  • Oh and years’ content overview update. So here… have all of the events years published here so far, right in this post 🙂